Common questions

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What if I don’t have insurance?

If you don’t have insurance, our Apprentice and Practicing Counsellors offer services at a rate that makes counselling as affordable as if you had it.

How do I know if my insurance covers you?

Most insurance providers cover our Registered Counsellors, but you should check to make sure.

Go to your insurance provider’s client portal, or check your coverage documents. It will say specifically what registrations are covered. Some plans cover only Psychologists (which we are not), some cover Clinical Counsellors, others Social Workers, and some cover all. The specific professionals your plan covers depends primarily on what you or your employer has agreed to with your insurance company.

How do I get reimbursed by my insurance company?

When your credit card is charged for your session, you’ll automatically be emailed a receipt with your counsellor’s name and details, including registration number. You can upload this receipt to your insurance provider’s client portal, and they’ll reimburse you.

We’re hoping that in the coming years we will have access to direct billing, similar to dentists, so that you don’t have to worry about this.


Where is your office?

Our office is located in the old MEC retail store on Broadway, between Main and Cambie. You can find directions to our office, as well as information about parking and transit options, on this page.

How are you offering sessions during COVID?

We are offering sessions in accordance with BC Ministry of Health guidelines. These presently permit online and in-person sessions.

How do in-person sessions work during COVID?

We follow WorkSafeBC guidelines, which require physical distancing or masks be used during counselling sessions. Our office seating is sufficiently spaced that masks are not required. However, we always follow clients’ personal preferences, and will ask if you prefer I remain masked. We will wear, and also provide medical-grade ASTM procedure masks as desired.

How do online sessions work?

We hold online sessions using an encrypted web-based platform; it doesn’t require an account or special download. When it’s time for your session, you’ll find the link in your profile, and in the reminder email.

Payments and cancellations

How do I pay for sessions?

We accept payment by credit card. In exceptional circumstances we can also accept payment by Interac e-transfer or cheque. We do not accept cash.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask for 24 hours’ notice for any cancellations. The full session fee will be charged for cancellations with less notice.