Our services

We offer individual counselling, a free weekly positive psychology group, and reduced-cost counselling. Learn more about the services we provide.

One-to-one counselling

Everyone has their own preferences for how they do “the work.” Whether you want to develop skills for maintaining optimum mental health, are looking to achieve greater self-insight, or are seeking to process and resolve past experiences, our counsellors can work with you to arrive where you want to be.

What counselling looks like will be different for every person, but the common thread is the level of personal security offered in the counselling relationship. The therapeutic relationship you share with your counsellor is an important one, and many people describe counselling as the first time in their life that they are able to fully open up to another person, without fear of judgment.

Over time, as rapport deepens, you’ll find yourself being able to access feelings and insights that offer the clarity needed to navigate life in a way that feels authentic and true to you. The result is that most people leave counselling having an understanding of themselves that offers opportunity to grow in ways that otherwise may not be available to us.

If you’re seeking counselling to address a specific mental health concern, we offer counselling specifically designed for adult ADHD, depression and anxiety, anger, and trauma, including PTSD.

Positive Psychology group

We offer a free weekly group dedicated to helping you develop and enhance your best self. Facilitated by two of our counsellors, each week is focused on a core component of mental health and well-being. Topics include developing grit and resilience, positive communication techniques, fostering gratitude, building hope and optimism, and deploying your core character strengths.

Each week’s topic stands alone, so you can join any time, attend the sessions of most interest to you, and attend as long as you like. Practical exercises offer the opportunity for you to apply the content outside group.

The group is discussion-oriented, with time to reflect, share, and learn with other members. We’re focused on creating a positive and welcoming space, and there is no pressure to share: you can choose to listen, or take a more active role in the conversation.

New members are always welcome. You can learn more about the group, request more information, or sign up below. We’re looking forward to connecting with you!

Reduced-cost counselling

If you’re wanting to access counselling but face financial barriers to doing so, rest assured that we can work with you to access the care you need. We offer a variety of options that make counselling more accessible.

Our Apprentice Counsellors are currently completing Masters degrees in counselling with accredited programs, and offer sessions starting at $10. All our Apprentices are under the supervision of a Registered Counsellor, and most people find little difference between the two.

Most of our Registered Counsellors dedicate a portion of their hours seeing people paying at a reduced cost or sliding scale. If you think you’d click with one of our counsellors in particular, feel free to reach out and request this. There may be a waitlist, but we’ll let you know how long this is if so, and provide you alternatives if you need something sooner.

Some of our Registered Counsellors are also registered with the First Nations Health Authority to provide counselling under the Mental Wellness and Counselling Program, the Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program, and the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Program. If you are First Nations or Métis, we encourage you to reach out and inquire about counselling. We’ll work with you to complete the application process for registration with these programs.

As well, some of our Registered Counsellors are registered with the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General to provide counselling under the Crime Victim Assistance Program. Fees are fully or mostly covered for people registered with CVAP. Please note that you should register with CVAP prior to reaching out to us, as we cannot assist with the application process.